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Data Transfer & Recovery

What you should know about your hard drive

Many people put blind faith in their computers, storing months or years of hard work, entire books, works of art, photos and other irreplaceable data without ever making a backup. Electronics has become more reliable in recent years but is still prone to failure. The Hard Drive - the main component for storing data on your computer is an electro-mechanical device that operates under extreme conditions. The question is not 'will it fail?' but rather 'when will it fail?'. Drives can fail after 5 years and they can also fail after 5 minutes!

Data transfer & backup
How often do you backup your hard drive data? If your computer data was suddenly damaged, hit by a virus, accidentally deleted or stolen, would you lose your valuable data, like digital photos, business details, contacts and emails? We can transfer or backup (to DVD) your important files, email and favourites settings and data for you.

Data transfer
Now you have a brand new computer - how do you get all of your documents, photos, email and settings across from the old one to the new one? The task of transferring files and settings to your new PC is a relatively simple one but it can still be a bit daunting as you have to ensure all the vital files are transferred. You may also need to use quite a few CD's or DVD's if you have a lot of data including music, movies and photo collections.

Why not get us to do the work for you?
If you'd rather not take on the task of data transfer yourself, we'd be happy to help. We will copy your important documents, photo, music and movie collections to the new machine for you with a minimum of fuss. We can also set your email account/s up and get you connected so you can get on with things.

At the same time, if your old PC is going to go to a new owner you can have us 'securely wipe' the hard drive on the old machine so your data is inaccessible. Just ask.

Can programs be copied to the new PC?
Generally, they cannot. You would require the original installation files (usually from a disc or download) to create a fresh installation on the new machine.
Usually we can then copy the data files to the new machine and import them into the program. For example, the data from a Family Tree program could be transferred and imported after installing the program on the new PC. That way you wouldn't have to manually re-enter all the information you'd put in previously.
* We've successfully transferred some programs using special 'relocation' software but this is limited to only a few cases

Data recovery & data wiping

Data recovery services
We all make mistakes and computer components do go wrong sometimes.
It always seems to happen at the wrong time and when we don't have a recent backup!
We offer a variety of Data Recovery Services for Hard-Disk Drives, CD's, DVD's, Floppy Disks and USB Pen Drives.

If you suspect your hard drive may have a fault or you have deleted an important file by accident, STOP!! The longer you keep operating the PC, the less likely a full recovery can be made. Also accidentally deleted files may be overwritten. Shut the PC down and seek help. Never try to boot from the affected drive or recover files to it.

Losing data from your hard drive is at best an inconvenience and at worst, disastrous. Data lost due to viral infection or accidental deletion is recoverable but data lost from a damaged hard drive or from natural disasters could be unrecoverable. Despite this, in most cases the data is often retrievable and there are many ways to implement the recovery of data from a 'broken' system.

Accidental deletion of data can be easily restored if the file has been sent to the recycle bin but what happens when data is removed from the bin? The answer is nothing. The link to the data is removed but the data is still physically stored on the hard drive but can be written over when a new file is saved. However, data is not always deleted by this method and professional data recovery software is able to dig deep and 'undelete' this information.

If data is stored on an optical drive and the disc is damaged in any way, we can use commercial repair devices will allow us remove scratches or nicks which can prevent the reading of the disc.

Prices will vary according to what is wrong and what is involved in the recovery. Some jobs can cost very little but others may require specialist recovery (not performed locally) and may run into hundreds of dollars. What price can you put on those family photos from a year ago or that novel you've been working on for five years?

Data Wiping
To safely dispose of old hard drives, proper 'data-cleansing' is favourable. This is also the case if you wish to sell or give away an old computer containing business documents, financial information, photos or other sensitive material. Simply deleting the files in Windows does not completely get rid of them. Readily available data recovery packages can recover the deleted files and gain access to this information.

We provide a data destruction service* ideal for both personal and business data. Please contact us for more information.
* Data destruction to the following standards:
U.S.: DoD 5220.22-M (Department of Defense)
Schneier Method

(Data Destruction services cannot be performed 'same day'. Please allow at least two working days to make sure your data is completely wiped. No guarantee is made that forensic lab retrieval of data is impossible)


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