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Internet Setup

Internet and Email setup and assistance

Setting up your Internet and Email
Setting up and securing your wireless router and WiFi network
Troubleshooting Internet connection problems
Adding new computers to your existing Internet connection
Parental control software to protect your children
Extending ADSL cabling between the phone socket and your PC

We can install your modem, set up your broadband or a dialup connection to the Internet swiftly. We can also help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be experiencing and teach you how to get the best from the Internet.

Email setup and configuration
Do you need assistance in setting up an email account? Do you need help in installing an email client such as Outlook Express, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird?

We can assist you in obtaining an email account (if you do not already have one), installing and configuring an email client, such as Outlook Express, Outlook Client or Mozilla Thunderbird, in your home or business or remotely using our remote assistance service (Internet connection required) at a very competitive price.

Once your email client has been installed and your email account configured to meet your requirement, we will also assist you in creating a Personal Folder (PST), on your computer, to better manage your emails and make sure that your mailbox does not get full.

Are you able to send email? Are your friends and relatives telling you that they received an error email when sending you emails? If so, then you might have a problem in your hand that requires your outmost attention. Contact us for assistance. With Compworks on your side you will start communicating with your friends, family, or clients in no time.

Wireless / wired networking
If you want the freedom of using the Internet from the bedroom, garden, garage or anywhere in your home, then a wireless network is the answer. It will also allow you to share your Internet connection, your printer and other files between any of your other computers, bringing convenience and saving you the extra expense of buying additional printers.

If you're having problems with your Internet or email, we can help troubleshoot your problems. We also provide training and tips to help you learn to use these tools.

Many existing wireless setups in the home and even some businesses are unprotected against unauthorised use of the Internet connection and intrusion into the PC's on the network. It's scary to think someone could be searching for and viewing illegal content on your unprotected wireless Internet connection. Under current law, you would be legally responsible by default and you'd have to try to prove that it wasn't you.


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