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Internet Troubleshooting

We can help with

Setting up your Internet and email
Setting up and securing your wireless router and WiFi network
Troubleshooting Internet connection problems
Adding new computers to your existing Internet connection
Parental control software to protect your children

Connection problems
If you have no Broadband or dial-up connection, or if your connection is intermittent and keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting, there could be a number of reasons for this. We can troubleshoot the problem and get you connected to the world again.

Browser problems
Internet browsers, or web browsers, are computer programs that allow you to access web pages. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari, all Internet browsers have their own inherent issues. From slow load times to missing plug-ins, there are plenty of issues that can occur with Internet Browsers of all sorts.

One common browser issue is a lack of compatibly with certain web pages, web forms or other web objects. Many websites are created with a specific web browser or set of web browsers in mind. If you attempt to access a site or web application that was designed for a certain browser with a different browser, the application might fail to load or run properly. For instance, if you have a Windows PC and wish to use various Windows troubleshooting tools through Microsoft or other companies, you might be required to use Internet Explorer.

Malware problems
Web browsers can be gateways to malicious computer programs or "malware." Browsers allow you to access data stored on other computers across the Internet that can contain malware. Some types of malware can lead to a variety of browser problems. For instance, malware can change browser settings such as you home page and force you to navigate to certain websites that you don't want to look at.

If your computer has any of the following symptoms it may be infected with spyware.
Toolbars, links or favourites appearing of your web browser that you never put there.
Your home page, mouse pointer or search program changes unexpectedly.
You type the address of a website into your web browser, but you're taken to a completely unrelated website.
You see pop-up ads, even if your computer isn't connected to the Internet..
Your computer suddenly starts running slowly.

After you run a spyware program to delete active spyware files, you are still left with references to those files in your computer registry. These traces will clog your registry over time, leaving your computer vulnerable to failure. We can eliminate all the leftover traces of spyware and scan your registry for possible problems, saving you from future headaches

Another potential web browser issue is freezing. If the browser experiences an error, or it encounters a certain web object that it cannot run properly, it mighty freeze up, forcing you to restart the program. Fully updating your browser to the most recent version might help alleviate issues that cause freezes.

If your browser crashes (closes without reason) there are two likely scenarios that have caused the issue. The first one is similar to the issues that lead to slow speeds and freezing, and occurs when you push your browser too far with an inadequate amount of virtual memory. The second one, however, is a little bit more serious. You may have a virus. It is most likely to be a virus if you experience repeated crashing under different circumstances.

Missing plug-ins
If you are trying to load a website, and you see a little red X or puzzle piece where there should be content, then you probably have missing plug-ins or add-ons such as Adobe Flash, Javascript, and ActiveX. We can install and/or update these missing items.

We can help solve you email issues such as
Restoring corrupted email folders in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and other commonly used email packages
Fixing email client and server issues so that you can send and receive emails from all senders
Configuring email accounts to block spam emails being sent from your email account and blocking spam emails sent to you
Installing back-up utility so that we can create archives of your emails and not risk losing old correspondence.
Helping you migrate from one email client to another including address books, contact lists, folder configurations, and Internet settings.


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