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Laptop Repairs

In addition to desktop PC repairs, the following laptop (notebook) specific repair services are available at our workshop:

Laptop hardware testing and troubleshooting
DC Power Socket (Jack) repair and replacement
Laptop Hard Drive replacements and upgrades
Laptop Memory (RAM) replacements and upgrades
Data & Settings Transfer between desktop to laptop or laptop to laptop
Laptop Screen issues, overheating, broken USB ports and more
BIOS Password removal (from most laptops)

Generally hardware related problems on laptops cost more to repair since more labour/skill is involved and parts are dearer in comparison to those for desktop PC's. However, depending on the problem, the repair could cost as little as $50.00.
There is no charge if a fix is not possible. If the notebook is repairable and the client decides not to go ahead with the repair, a diagnostic/disassembly fee is payable.

If your unit is still under warranty, please try to get your repair done by the supplier/manufacturer since any disassembly we perform may invalidate your warranty. DC Socket/Jack repairs are performed at the clients own risk. Where the the motherboard itself has been damaged, repair may be very costly or un-economical. We will advise the client in these situations before continuing.

DC Connector
Power connector faults frequently occur resulting in no or intermittent charging/operation; often you can wiggle or wedge the lead to get the power charge light to illuminate in the laptop.
We do not usually use the manufacturers' original laptop replacement as it may fail again after a short time. We use a secured replacement that solidly mounts inside the case. The strain is taken by the case rather than the delicate motherboard.

Motherboard faults are very common, Many laptop problems are caused by faults on the motherboard rendering the laptop or notebook unusable. We fix motherboards by diagnosing and replacing defective motherboard components where possible.
Fixing a motherboard can be less expensive than replacing the complete motherboard, keeping the laptop repair cost down.

Screen & video faults
Screen faults are quite common on many laptops and may not be too expensive to repair depending on the cause. If you can see a very dark or ghost image then the screen has probably not failed! The fault is probably caused by the illumination circuitry not working. If there is a display with coloured lines or blocks or no display at all then the fault may lie with either the screen or the motherboard. If the screen has a crack or large blotches or what looks like ink leaking then the fault is probably the screen itself.

Keyboard & mouse faults
Keyboard & mouse pad faults do not usually occur unless the keyboard has been damaged with excessive force or fluid has been spilt between the keys. The usual symptom is one or more keys do not work or require excessive force. The only fix is to replace the keyboard. Occasionally, motherboard faults develop that prevents the keyboard from working. Mouse pads can fail or become 'sluggish' & may need replacement.

Broken cases & hinges
Broken cases may not stop your laptop working but look awful! We can replace most cases; be it the top or bottom or both parts. We can, however, have problems obtaining certain units from some manufacturers who do not make them available. If unobtainable we try to find you a used replacement case. When replacing hinges it is always best to have both hinges replaced as the tension often varies between old and new hinges which could cause the screen to distort during opening.

Fluid spills & moisture

These will severely damage your laptop! If you have an accident immediately remove the battery/power lead and invert the laptop to remove as much fluid as possible. DO NOT TURN ON THE LAPTOP. Send it immediately to us so we can take it to pieces and investigate where the fluid has gone. It is very important that you do not turn on the laptop, or it will very likely be damaged beyond repair; it may work for a while but the fluid and electricity may severely corrode the motherboard.

DVD/CD drive faults
DVD/CD ROM drive faults occur frequently. Great care must be taken when inserting/ejecting the media as often the tray rails become bent or the optics are damaged. If this has happened the unit must be replaced. An exact replacement is necessary for laptop repair as the front facia must match. Sometimes the connector from the drive to the motherboard fractures, so the fault is not always the drive. We can repair both types of fault.

Hard drive faults & data recovery
Hard drive faults occur quite frequently, especially if the laptop has been banged or dropped whilst turned on. The first you may notice is that Windows will not power up properly or there are frequent software crashes. Often errors can be corrected, but it may be necessary to install a new drive and either copy data or reinstall Windows.
Compworks offers a data recovery service, if your hard drive has failed or has been damaged please contact us for further advice.

Remove viruses & install Windows

Viruses, Trojans & Adware or damaged Windows files almost always cause the laptop to run slowly, with frequent crashes. We can either remove them or reformat the complete laptop by reinstalling Windows. By reformatting the drive all data will be lost but the laptop should become as fast as it was when first purchased. We are able to copy your files & documents before reformatting so your data can be recovered.

We can reinstall Windows back onto your laptop even if you have lost all your setup disks providing the original Windows Key label is still attached to the laptop. Once reinstalled we will restore the drivers (if available) and add an up-to-date virus checker.

As part of the laptop repair service we always clean the machine inside & out to help reduce the likelihood of overheating caused by a build up of dust.

Recycle your old laptop!
Do you have a broken laptop? Cracked screen? Liquid damage? Written off by your insurance company?

Want to dispose of your laptop safely?
Your old laptop could be useful to us for spare parts. Please contact us for details.

Concerned about old data?
You can either remove the hard drive and destroy it or we can securely erase the hard drive so it can be reused.


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