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Laptop Upgrades

Why bother upgrading?

There are a couple of good reasons for upgrading your laptop. The first, and most important, is cost. You can easily extend the effective life of a laptop with a cheap upgrade or two. A second reason for carrying out some upgrades is to make your notebook a better and faster device. Adding the latest Wi-Fi card or a solid state drive to speed up data access could transform your notebook from a mobile standby into an effective desktop replacement.
Unlike a desktop, laptops and other portable computers often do not allow the upgrade of many of the components they come with. The upgrade options depend on the manufacturer and model of the laptop.

Adding or replacing memory has always been one of the simplest upgrades to perform on a laptop. This is the most cost-effective upgrade for your laptop. If your machine is constantly having to use its swap space, performance will be notably impacted.

Hard Drive
Replacing a laptop's hard drive is almost always an uncomplicated affair, and the actual swap can be done in just a few minutes. If you want us to reproduce your old data and programs exactly the way you had them before, this requires a little more time, and typically takes an hour or so. If you want clean Windows installation, we can do that also.

Optical Drive
Would you like to upgrade from an older CD-ROM drive to a DVD burner, or possibly even to a high-def (Blu Ray) drive? We can source and fit a new optical drive. Laptops are highly proprietary, and upgrade parts like a DVD/CD burner that will fit the physical form and provide the right connector aren't always available. In these instances, we may be able to use the outer plastic bezel from the original CD-ROM to match a new DVD/CD unit to the body of the notebook.

If your laptop didn't come with Bluetooth installed, we might still be able fit a Bluetooth module for it. Bluetooth opens up communication with whole host of useful gadgets such as mice, keyboards, headsets, cameras, printers and mobile phones.

Wireless Card
Fitting or upgrading a wireless card is an easy way to add to the versatility of your laptop. This will free you from a fixed cable and also allow you to make use of public wireless 'Hotspots'

Processor (CPU)
Some laptops allow for the upgrade of processor speeds. This upgrade is not available on all laptops. However, if an upgrade is available, you should consider the increase in speed against the cost. Unless the CPU is available for little cost, the amount of money spent and the relatively small increase in performance may not be worth the upgrade.

Video/Graphic card
Some new high performance laptops are coming out with models that enable the upgrade of the video card or video accelerator it came shipped with. Unless your one of the lucky few who have one of these laptops, you will not be able to upgrade your video card.

New, Higher Capacity Battery

If your laptop is getting on a bit, chances are that its battery life is notably diminished. Rather than put up with it, consider a replacement battery for your machine. Also, why not look at getting a higher-capacity battery? This will extend the run time and, hopefully, avoid that annoying 'Flat battery' message before the end of the film you are watching.

In a notebook, the components are crammed into a much smaller space and are often layered on top of each other. Some machines require the removal of the keyboard and sometimes other components before we can get at a part to upgrade it. This means that we are unable to give any pricings until we know the laptop model. Call us and we will inform you of the options available to you.


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