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Office Services

Compworks Office Services is here to assist small and medium businesses, independent business owners and non-business clients with word processing and secretarial services. We offer quick turn-around time, affordable rates and friendly professionalism.

We can assist you or your company with word processing, inputting mailing lists and mail merges or inputting handwritten notes. We can also assist with miscellaneous secretarial tasks, such as coordinating mailings or sourcing materials. Need help building that PowerPoint presentation, creating that Excel spreadsheet or formatting that manuscript? Give us a call.

Compworks Office Services ensures that our clients are 100% satisfied. We take pride in lending a helping hand, no matter how small or large the request may be. Our main goal is to ensure that our interactions with clients are as simple and stress-free for them as possible. Our customers count on accurate, reliable service with a high level of confidentiality.

Word processing
Secretarial service
Resume & cover letter preparation
Fax & Email service
Desktop publishing
Creation of advertising flyers, notices, posters, menus, invitations, etc.
Copy typing - Manuscripts, assignments, books, minutes, notes, letters etc.
Proof-reading and editing

Genealogy websites
We will create a website that, apart from our set-up costs, can be maintained by you for free.
If you want an idea of what it could look like, check out Lynda's Lot. We will create the site according to your specifications, type in and display your data, upload your photos and images, and put in any relevant links. As part of the process, we will create for you a specialised email address to use with the site and give you instruction on how to edit and maintain the site/pages.

Please note: We do not do genealogy research and it is each person's responsibility to maintain their site.


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